Drotsky's Cabins

Birders- and fishing paradise -
on the western panhandle of the Okavango Delta.

This is a family owned and managed business operating three lodges - the very popular Drotsky's Cabins, Lawdons Lodge and the very private Xaro Camp.

+27 (0) 21 855 0395
Shakawe, Botswana
Drotsky cabins Shakawe Botswana
GPS 18 25 58.01S,  21 51 97.03E
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Drotsky’s Cabins on the western panhandle of the Okavango Delta, near Shakawe in the north-western corner of Botswana, is one of the original lodges in the country and especially popular amongst tourists keen on fishing and/or birding.

Drotsky’s Cabins is a family business, and since it has been here for a long time, its owners are extremely knowledgeable about the Shakawe area, as well as the flora and fauna in this part of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Guests at Drotsky’s Cabins are accommodated in six A-frame chalets overlooking the wide Okavango River. The chalets are simple, clean and comfortable, and exude the charm of years gone by. The bar at Drotsky’s Cabins is also frequented by locals, apart from tourists, so you are guaranteed to hear some fascinating stories about the Shakawe region of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. The dining area overlooks the Okavango River – note that meals have to be booked in advance, and paid for when you arrive. The campsite is situated behind the chalets, below a huge canopy of trees offering welcome shade.

The papyrus channels and lush vegetation of the river make Drotsky’s Cabins a haven for fishing and birdwatching. Also be on the lookout for hippos and crocs in the Okavango River.

Botswana’s famous Barbel run takes place sometime between August to October and Drotsky’s Cabins in the Okavango Delta is the place to experience this phenomenon. The fish congregate in schools of thousands. The fish then swim upstream, slapping their tails on the water as they swim through the thick papyrus reeds in the river. Apparently this slapping noise disorientates the smaller species of fish in the Okavango River and they become easy prey. The noise and frenzy attract lots of birds, as well as tiger fish – so if it’s a tiger fish you are after, come to Drotsky’s Cabins near Shakawe in the Okavango Delta.

Drotsky’s Cabins is very popular for boating and offers a number of guided boats of varying sizes. Lawrence of the Okavango is a boat with legendary status in this part of the Okavango Delta near Shakawe. Fishing tackle is available on site.

Nearby attractions include the Tsodilo Hills (a World Heritage site with important rock art), the Drotsky Caves (accessible by 4x4 vehicle only) and the Mahango Game Park.

Drotsky’s Cabins is a very popular lodge in the Okavango Delta, so it is advisable to book well in advance. Although the sand on the road can be quite thick, you are able to reach Drotsky’s Cabins in a normal 2WD car.

View from Drotsky Cabins chalet over Okavango Delta
Drotsky Cabins main building
Drotsky Cabins Public area
Drotksy bedroom
  Drotsky Cabins Chalet
Drotsky Lodge near shakawe Drotsky cabins A-frame house


The most obvious route is to cross the border into Namibia once you leave Drotsky Cabins. You then drive along the Caprivi strip and re-enter Botswana at Ngoma Bridge. Once you have crossed the border you will be in the Chobe National Park, one of the world's most famous game reserves. If you have stayed in Lawdons or Xaro in Shakawe you might prefer Chobe Safari lodge in the Kasane region. They are about on the same level of luxury. If Drotsky's Cabins was your favourite in Shakawe then perhaps the slightly cheaper Toro Lodge will suit your needs. There is however no reason why you should not upgrade to the luxurious Mowana Safari lodge. This lodge with its eighteen hole golf course is the favourite lodge for many people including kings and presidents. Senyati Safari Camp is in the bush near the Chobe Game reserve and the self-catering accommodation might be the best option for families.

Island Safari Lodge is the gateway to the Okavango Delta and you might stay a night here before visiting Drotsky Cabins or Lawdons Lodge.

Woodlands Stop which is 10 km north of Francistown can be reached within a day from Drotskys Cabins.  This lodge offers self-catering and camping near Francistown in Botswana.


If your route is through Namibia, you could consider the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre . It is a four star hotel in Swakopmund and 8 hours drive from Drotsky Cabins. The Stiltz is a hotel on poles in Swakopmund. This lodge is extraordinarily beautiful and is on the Swakopmund River near the main beach at Swakopmund. The Stiltz is a luxury hotel in Swakopmund which would be a wonderful addition to any itinerary. Perhaps you can spend a few nights at Etosha Lodge just south of the Etosha National Park on your way from Drotsky Cabins to Swakopmund.  Etosha Lodge offers self-catering (self contained) accommodation and luxury fully inclusive accommodation.

Keetmanshoop is about halfway between Cape Town and Drotsky Cabins. The Quivertree Forest Rest Camp just a few km north of Keetmanshoop might be the best place to stay in this town. The Quivertree Forest and the Giants playground is the premier tourist attraction of Keetmanshoop.


Merino Inn Hotel in Colesberg is one of the choices for accommodation in this Northern Cape if you are travelling up from the Cape to go to Drotsky's Cabins.  There are also Sunset Lodge and Gables Inn on the N1 highway between Cape Town and Johannesburg.
The Regent in East London is a luxury hotel near the beach  in East London in the Eastern Cape South Africa.
Kambro self-catering offers accommodation on a farm north of Britstown if you are travelling down to the Cape from Botswana.


If your route from Drotskys should take you to Zimbabwe you might go to Granite Ridge. Granite Ridge is situated in a scenic area within the Matopo National Park.  This lodge is nestled in the famous Matopo Hills near Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. Or your route might take you to Hwange and then you will find that Sikumi Tree Lodge is a breathtaking lodge at Hwange Game reserve in Zimbabwe.  Sikumi Tree Lodge offers excellent accommodation and safaris through this game park.
Cutty Sark Hotel is a more affordable hotel in Kariba with views over the lake.
Kulizwe Lodge in Binga along the southern shores of Lake Kariba offers self-catering (self contained) accommodation. Cutty Sark Hotel is in Kariba and can be reached by looking at the Hotels and Lodges in Zimbabwe on the Temba website.

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